Car Hire Nairobi with Driver

4×4 Car Hire Nairobi with Driver, Professional Driver Guide:

Experience the convenience that comes with our car hire Nairobi with driver that allows you to sit back, relax and let our professional driver take you to your final destination. With our car hire Nairobi with driver, you have all the freedom to explore the city’s iconic landmarks and destinations at your own pace and without even the need to drive.

We have a large of car hire Nairobi Kenya fleet of cars that you can choose from whether you plan to travel as a family, solo or even as a couple. The beauty about our driver hire in Nairobi services from us is that our drivers are at the same time professional guides equipping you with the best information you need about the particular destinations you are to visit. This does set us aside from other car hire companies in Nairobi.

If you are looking for the cheapest car hire in Nairobi, you are in the right place. Our car rental Nairobi Kenya fleet consists of small compact vehicle like saloon cars (Toyota premio, Vitz, Toyota Wish and more), 4×4 Toyota RAV4,  bigger SUVs like Land Cruiser TX/TZ, Land Cruiser V8/VX, Land Cruiser GX manual, Nissan patrol and much more. Our cars are regularly maintained and serviced to give you the best experience both on and off road.

Whether you are looking for an affordable car hire from Nairobi to Masai Mara, Amboseli or any other destination within the country, count on us.

Advantages of Car Hire Nairobi with Driver:

There’s nothing as relieving as sitting comfortably in the car and allow an experienced driver take you anywhere you would like to go on your car hire Nairobi with driver trip. Some of the advantages of rent car in Nairobi with driver include;

Saves you a lot of time: Driving in Kenya for the first time can be challenging especially when you don’t know exactly which route to use to escape the heavy traffic or even the best and safe route. With car hire Nairobi with driver, you will simply inform our driver about your final destination and allow him/her to take you there in the shortest time possible. Our drivers are well versed with the road network in Nairobi and the other towns in Kenya thus making sure you get to your final destination on time.

Safety: We believe in putting our clients first and throughout your trip in Kenya, our driver will make sure you feel safe at all times. Our drivers are licensed and disciplined to take you to any destination of your safely while respecting the set traffic guidelines. Apart from the drivers, our cars are regularly serviced and maintained to make sure unfortunate scenarios do not happen at any time.

Effortless exploration: Enjoy the beautiful scenic views of the diverse land scapes, various wildlife species when you visit national parks and much more with our car rental Nairobi with driver. This allows you to sit back and watch everything from the comfort of your seat.

For travelers who are visiting Kenya for a business trip, car hire Nairobi with driver allows take that important call without worry, catch up with an email or even prepare yourself for that important meeting.

If you are visiting Kenya on a leisure trip, you will skip the hustle of using Google maps while within Nairobi, or even while visiting National parks. Car rental Nairobi with driver will allow you to focus on the rewarding features that you need to view.

Car Rental Kenya with a Driver

How much is it to hire a car in Nairobi?

Our Nairobi car rental prices remain unbeatable and affordable however these are determined by a few different factors which include;

Type of Vehicle: We have a large fleet of cars that you can hire on your trip in Kenya and this consists of cars that vary in terms of strength and comfort. The more comfortable and stronger the car is, the more car hire Nairobi prices. For example, our Land Cruiser V8 is more comfortable and stronger compared to Land Cruiser TX thus its price will be slightly less compared to a Land Cruiser TX.

The rental duration: Are you looking for long term car rental Kenya deals? We are the right cheapest car hire in Nairobi Company you can trust. For travelers renting for more than 2 weeks, we have discounted Nairobi car rental prices that you will be able to benefit from thus reducing the cost of car rental. If you are renting on a daily basis or less than 6 days, the cost of car hire Nairobi with driver is likely to stay the same.

Number of people: this is yet another factor that does influence car hire in Nairobi. If you are traveling in a group, this means you will need to hire a car that does accommodate the exact number of people without sacrificing comfort for anyone. Such cars that take group can be hired at a slightly higher price compared to hiring a car that takes 2-4 travelers.

Our car hire in Nairobi with driver prices are as follows;

Type of vehicle Less than 6 days/ per day 2 weeks/perday 1 month/per day
Land Cruiser TX/TZ $110 $100 $80
Land Cruiser V8/VX $125 $110 $100
Land Cruiser GX manual $125 $110 $100

How to rent a car in Nairobi?

There various ways you can rent a car Nairobi Kenya and this include; reaching out to us through our contact form where you will provide us with the details, the type of car and thereafter our assistant will be able to take you through the seamless booking process.

Alternatively, you can talk to us directly through +256 704538374 – available on WhatsApp to and our agent will as well take you through each and everything you need to know about car hire, Nairobi or Kenya as a whole.

Overall car hire Nairobi with driver will reward you with the unmatched convenience, calmness and worry-free experience throughout your stay in the East Africa. Start your journey today by talking to us.

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