Things to do in Masai Mara

7 Best Things to do in Masai Mara with your Self-Drive Kenya

Wondering about the top Things to do in Masai Mara national reserve Kenya with your car rental? Masai Maara National Park situated in the south west of Kenya continues to be popular among self drive traveler which is attributed to the fact that it has so much that you can explore and find within her boundaries.

From the popular wildebeest migration to the big 5 self drive Kenya safari, Masai Mara is a unique gem that needs to feature on your travel bucket list.

To have the very best and memorable experience while on your self drive in Masai Mara, we recommend hiring a 4×4 car. These are strong enough to go through the rugged terrains and tough roads situated right in the park. Our fleet consists of these cars at very unbeatable and affordable car rental Kenya prices. Rent a car in Kenya here: +256 704538374.

Things to do in Masai Mara;

Planning to self drive in Masai Mara? We have listed the top activities you can do while within the boundaries of Masai Mara and these include;

Seeing the wildebeest migration

One of your highlights of visiting Masai Mara National Park is to be able to witness the wildebeest migration.  This is an annual event where wildebeest, zebras, gazelles migrate from Tanzania’s side into Masai Mara in the continuous search of fresh grass. This is best witnessed during the months of June to September which is during the dry season of the year.

Go on a game drive in Masai Mara

On your trip to Masai Mara, you will embark on a game drive which does introduce you to the park’s beautiful scenic views and various wildlife species.

Masai Mara National ReserveOn your game drive where you will be accompanied by a guide and a ranger, you will be able to see wildlife species like the big 5 animals which include; buffaloes, elephants, lions, leopards and rhinos plus other animals like the gazelles, hyenas, zebras, giraffes, several species of birds and so much more.

Nature walks

Explore Masai Mara’s hidden gems on a guided nature walk that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenic views of the park and its surrounding plus get an upclose experience with some of the wildlife species right in their natural habitat.

Hot air balloon safaris

Experience Masai Mara right from above and get to see the various wildlife species as they roam freely in the national park. This is one of the most rewarding activities that you will definitely enjoy. On a lucky day, you will be able to witness the great wildebeest migration.

Cultural tours

Your trip in Masai Mara is incomplete if you dont get to visit the Masai community. While here, you will get a chance to interact with the locals, learn so much about their tradition and culture. Masai people have lived within and close to the national park for years and their stay in the park has never threatened the life of the wildlife species that reside here.

Bird watching

Masai Mara is regarded as a birding paradise with over 450 species of birds that you will be able to spot while within the park’s boundaries. Some of the birds that you will see here include; Masai ostriches, raptors, long tailed cormorant, cattle egret, tawny eagle, hadeda ibis, grey heron, little bittern and so much more.

This large population of birds is attributed to the fact that the park has a number of habitat that range from rivers, lakes, savanna grassland, hills and more which act as a breeding ground for these birds.

Horse back safaris

Get that much desired up close experience with so much that Masai Mara has to offer while on a guided horse ride within the park. The park remains one of the few national parks in the world where you will go on a game drive with a horse and get to enjoy the beautiful scenic views, wildlife animals and so much more.

These are some of the top activities that you can do while within Masai National Park and with the right 4×4 car, you will get that much needed memorable experience. We have car rental Kenya extras that you can hire along with our car and these include; a rooftop tent with camping gear, a fridge to keep your drinks cold while on that game drive, camping equipment, GPS and much more.

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