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Safari Land Cruiser Extended (7 Seater) for Rent in Kenya:

The 4×4 Land Cruiser Extended, 7 seater car rental Kenya is a customized safari car ideal for all African terrains. Book your 4WD Land Cruiser Extended and start exploring Kenya in a new style. Land Cruiser extended rental cars guarantee safety and comfort on a road trip in Kenya.

We have best Land Cruisers for hire with optimized suspension perfect for guests who may prefer off-road drives. Our Land Cruiser Extended come with solid bodies and considered among a few legendary 4WD selections.

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The specifications/amenities/features that come with 4WD Land Cruiser Extended rental vehicles in Kenya include manual transmission, open roof/pop-up roof offering 360 degrees game viewing experience, photography; 2 fuel tanks –guaranteeing a road trip with no shortages in fuel, emergency recovery equipment,

Hi-lift jack, capacity of 7 to 8pax, spacious, 25 Liter fridge, unlimited mileage and diesel engine of 4200cc and 4500cc.

Other features include air conditioner, spare tyres, roof hatch above the driver and co-driver’s seat, luggage space with capacity of 15-20kgs, longer hatch stretching behind all passenger seats, and plug-in inverters for guests to charge their phones or cameras.

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How much is hiring a Land Cruiser Extended in Kenya?

The rates for hiring a Land Cruiser Extended cars may vary depending on the car hire service provider and season.

During the off months of the year, it is possible to book a Land Cruiser Extended at KES 20,000 and around peak seasons, expect the prices to rise up to KES 30,000 to 40.000. You can rent a Land Cruiser with an experienced driver/safari guide.

Why Rent Land Cruiser from us?

There is no need to buy a car on Kenya safaris when you can actually hire one from the recognized car hire service providers. We have a wide range of Land Cruisers for visitors on Kenya tour to choose their best.

Our prices are competitive and possible to hire a car for long-term travel that is from a week to even a month.

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Where to find your ride?

You can find your favorite Land Cruisers at our offices located in Nairobi capital. Walk into our offices if you are already in the city or book your ride online via the company details provided on the websites.

You can also hire a car with us from Mombasa, Eldoret, Kisumu and other locations. For Bookings, WhatsApp us at +256 704538374 or emails us.

Why do Toyota Land Cruisers last so long?

Unlike other car producers, Toyota is guided by its goal when making its vehicles. Each car produced by Toyota should be able to last for 25 years and for long, this has been evident in most of its Land Cruiser vehicles with some inheriting the design features. Land Cruisers are slightly thicker than most cars.

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How long can a Toyota Land Cruiser engine last?

Proper maintenance is required for an engine to last longer. If poorly maintained, it won’t go for longer period.

A good and well-maintained Land Cruiser engine can last for 15 to 20 years, and capable of covering mileage of 300,000 miles –both rough and heavy use with no breakdown.

Anything special about Land Cruisers?

Toyota Land Cruisers are the oldest SUV model in the world production. They are durable and reliable for all road trips in different terrains or regardless of the weather conditions.

How far can a full tank Land Cruiser go?

A full tank 4WD Land Cruisers can run up to 1875km at 8L/100km. They are built with big tank capacities taking higher amount of fuel unlike other vehicles with small tank sizes.

The highest mileage the Land Cruiser has ever covered is about 600,000+ miles.

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