Open Roof Car Hire in Kenya

Open Roof Car Hire in Kenya – Best 4×4 Land Cruiser Openroof

Experience the thrill of a Kenyan safari like never before with our Open Roof Car Hire in Kenya. Our 4×4 Land Cruiser Open-roof vehicles perfect for photographers and nature enthusiasts, our open roof car hire in Kenya ensure you won’t miss a moment of your adventure. Book now for the best rates and service!

The Land Cruiser with Open Roof is a very unique and spacious choice of safari car available for hire in Kenya. It gives you a convenient and unique experience while in Kenya’s wilderness. Having an open roof, visitors are able to enjoy beautiful views of Kenya’s stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife.

Are you planning to explore Kenya’s national parks, embarking on a Kenya safari, or you just want to enjoy a drive through the countries wilderness? We introduce you to land Cruiser with Open roof which will give you the best experience.

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About Open Roof Car Hire in Kenya and Land Cruiser with Open-Roof:

All land cruisers are four wheel drive (4WD) vehicles with an unbeatable performance. Land cruisers can overcome almost every terrain in Kenya and with open roof, makes them ideal cars for all Kenya safaris.

Land cruiser vehicles are also well known for their spacious interior offering maximum comfort ability to the users. They strong SUVs in that they can’t fail any road condition. When you talk of Kenya self-drive safaris, Land cruiser with open roof cannot be left out as it gives you the best self drive experience.

Land cruiser with Open roofs makes it easy for you to have clear views of Kenya’s beautiful scenery and landscapes. You can stand and see through the opened roof of the car to spot wildlife.

Are you looking for a safari land cruiser hire Kenya? I would advise you to opt for a an open roof car rental in Kenya as it is very affordable and it gives you a remembrance.

Best Land cruiser cars to hire with an open roof in Kenya

When looking for a safari land cruiser to hire with an open roof in Kenya, you should consider the following land cruiser series.

The best option would be hiring a land cruiser V8, Land cruiser TX/TZ, Land cruiser 70 series/Hard top, Land cruiser GX and a land cruiser extended.

The above mentioned series of Land cruiser cars are preferably the most choices to make when choosing an open roof car hire in Kenya.

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How much does it cost to hire a land cruiser with open roof in Kenya?

Hiring a land cruiser with open roof is quite cheap and convenient compared the memorable and rewarding experience it gives. The prices vary according to the exact land cruiser car you are interested in. For example, hiring a Land Cruiser Prado TX/TZ with open roof only costs $80 for self drive and $120 with a driver per day.

A land cruiser V8/VX costs $120 for 0a self drive and then $160 per day with a driver.

Land cruiser Hardtop/ 70/box body costs $150 for a self drive and $200 with a driver per day.

Hiring a Land cruiser Extended, the ideal safari vehicle in Nairobi Kenya will only cost you $230 per day. We don’t give out land cruiser extended cars for self drive.

How to Rent an Open Roof Car Hire in Kenya?

Would you like to hire the best land cruiser with open roof in Nairobi Kenya and you are wondering how you are going to make it? The process is too simple.

You can visit our contact form, fill in the relevant information as guided by our friendly user interface and then submit. Our experts will always be ready to get back to you immediately. You can still contact us directly or on WhatsApp for more information on +256 704 538374.

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Frequently asked questions about land cruiser hire with open roof in Kenya;

Which Land cruiser is used for Safari?

The 4×4 land cruiser cars are the most suitable for Safari vehicles. However there are other non 4×4 land cruiser cars used for safari such as the tourist vans. The most popular ones are; Land cruiser V8/VX, Land cruiser TX/TZ, Land cruiser extended and hard top.

How many seats does a safari land cruiser have?

A safari land cruiser has 8 seats.

What is the fuel consumption of a Prado TX?


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With its open roof and spacious interior, Land cruiser with open roof becomes the best safari vehicle as it gives the best view of landscapes. It gives you an opportunity to get closer to nature.

Whether you’re exploring the Maasai Mara, Amboseli National Park, or any other safari destination in Kenya, the Land Cruiser with Open Roof is the perfect choice for an unforgettable adventure.

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