Land Cruiser VX/V8 Rooftop Tent

Best 4×4 Land Cruiser VX/V8 Rooftop Tent for Rent in Kenya

Hire Land Cruiser VX/V8 Rooftop tent rental in Kenya to experience the unmatched luxury road trip. The Land Cruiser VX/V8 is a preferred choice of rental cars, especially for guests who would like to hit the road at higher speed. An upgrade to the luxury Land Cruiser VX/V8 is the best way to getting around Kenya.

In terms of performance, speed and luxury travel, not even Land Cruiser TX/TZ can come close to V8. On a road trip in Land Cruiser V8, it is possible to strike a balance between highway drive-ability and off-road performance. We have a full time 4×4 Land Cruiser V8 with rooftop tent guaranteeing guests an ultimate adventure in the African wilderness.

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Our Land Cruiser V8 Rooftop tent rentals are available at the lowest cost. They are robust and offer extra comfort. This particular category of Land Cruiser comes with capacity of 2 to 4 pax, and credited for its great performance on and off-road.

We have both the manual and automatic Land Cruiser V8/VX fitted with rooftop tents of capacity 2pax and necessary camping equipment. Book Now: +256 704538374

Amazing Features of the Land Cruiser VX/V8 Rooftop Tent:

Our Land Cruiser V8 Rooftop rental is equipped with features such as;

  1. 24/7 Functioning Air Condition.
  2. Capacity of 2 to 5pax.
  3. 2 Airbags.
  4. Tied Pop-up tent or roof.
  5. Camper bags.
  6. Camper tables.
  7. Camper chairs.
  8. Waterproof tent.
  9. 45 L fridge availed on request.
  10. Pair of pillows provided on request.
  11. Gas cylinder or store.
  12. BBQ Grill.

What else comes with V8 rental; an audio input, FM radio, USB input, Bluetooth and all-wheel drive. What is excluded sunroof, GPS navigation, TV, back camera, and others.

4x4 Land Cruiser V8 two Rooftop Tents

Why consider Toyota Land Cruiser V8 with Rooftop Tents?

There are several rental cars to hire for Kenya vacation, but the performance of Land Cruiser V8 is far better than even Land Cruiser TX or GX. We have the best selection of Toyota Land Cruiser V8 with rooftop tent rentals suitable for self-drive tours in Kenya and all safaris in East Africa.

They come with advanced handling technologies perfect for all road capabilities. The interior is luxurious with space available for leg stretch or also luggage.

Design of the Land Cruiser VX/V8 Rooftop Tent

What is in the interior; central cool box, air conditioner, perfect finishes, heated steering wheel, comprehensive array of handling and driver-assistance systems that function hand in hand to make a full spectrum of off-road driving scenarios simpler and safe to negotiate.

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New features to come across –the crawl control which comes with 5- speed settings for tackling steep terrains or descents, multi-terrain select, viable flow control power steering with a distinct dedicated off-road setting,

Multi-terrain monitor offering a 360 degree view of the area around the car through the 4 external cameras. 4.5 L V8 turbo diesel engine, 6-speed automatic transmission, standard Toyota touch pro, and for entertainment, make best use of the USB, DVD, and others. We rent to you a car that brings difference in your road trip at the most affordable rates.

Rent a Land Cruiser VX/V8 Rooftop Tent Today!