Land Cruiser Box Model with Rooftop Tent

4×4 Land Cruiser Box Model with Rooftop Tent for Hire Kenya:

There are millions of cars on Kenyan roads, but not all are worth embarking on a safari tour to wilderness destinations such as Maasai Mara National Reserve or Amboseli National Park. When you think about a road trip in Kenya/camping vacation, you have all the reasons to consider Land Cruiser Box model with rooftop tent for hire.

We have the best Land Cruiser Box Model with rooftop tent also referred to as Land Cruiser 70 Hardtop series. It is one of the best selections among the 4×4 rental cars and SUV rides worth embarking on a road trip in Kenya. Land Cruiser Box Model with rooftop tent comes with powerful engine, and sturdy body making it an ideal choice for all terrain road trips.

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Think of on or off-road adventure and think not beyond our 4×4 Land Cruiser Box Model with rooftop tent rentals. Beyond powerful performance, our Land Cruiser Box Models are reliable and come with luxurious interior and unmatched features that guarantee visitors ultimate comfort.

They are perfect for self-drive tours, camping safaris in Kenya and driver guided safaris as well as over landing road trips. Rent Now via WhatsApp: +256 704538374.

What specifications come with Land Cruiser Model with Rooftop Tent?

  1. Gearbox: Manual or automatic transmission.
  2. Toyota Land Cruiser 70 model/series.
  3. Power Engine with capacity of 3469 to 4163cc.
  4. Capacity of 5pax.
  5. Fuel consumption of 10.7L per 100km.
  6. Fuel capacity of 80L with diesel engine.
  7. Fitted with rooftop tent with capacity of 4pax and comes with other camping gear & luggage.
  8. Mattress with specifications: 2220mm (length), 1140mm (width), 70mm (thickness), extra height 270mm (extra height) and 130kg (extra weight).
  9. Engine: IPZ 5 Cylinder engine.
  10. Wheel system: 4×4 models.
  11. Spare tyres: 1.
  12. Tyre pressure: Varies depending on the number of guests and load. But should be kept within 30 PSI in the front and 35 PSI back.

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Interior Specifications & Tools:

  • Tools (Jumper cables, Wheel spanner, Towing rope and Bottle jack).
  • Booth –comes with adequate boot space accommodating your entire luggage. In case you plan to travel in a group of about 5pax, please consider packing light.
  • Audio –Radio with small speaker, Audio port and USB. You can come along with your own audio cable and play your favorite music using your phone.
  • NO A/C because it can easily get blocked by the bumpy and dusty roads. Fixing it becomes a challenge while in the bush, and the best alternative, drive while your windows are open.

Why Land Cruiser Box Model with Rooftop Tent?

Renting Land Cruiser Box Model with Rooftop Tent guarantees guests ultimate comfort, all-terrain friendly, reliable, well-maintained and ideal for self-drive or driver guided road trips. If you are looking for affordable ride, it is a perfect choice, especially for guests interested in camping or overland tours in East Africa.

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Hiring Land Cruiser Box Model with Rooftop Tent for self-drive in Kenya or driver guided safaris? Consider reaching out to our team to book your favorite ride before your actual date of visiting Kenya for a vacation.

Rent a Land Cruiser Box Model with Rooftop Tent Today!

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