Terms and Conditions of Renting a Car in Kenya, East Africa

This agreement, entered into between Your Drive Ltd and our esteemed clients, serves as the binding contract for renting a vehicle in Kenya, East Africa. Both parties are required to sign this agreement after understanding and complying with its terms before the commencement of the rental period.

Payment Terms

  1. Payment Method: The total payment for the rental is due upon arrival and can be settled in cash or by bank transfer to our designated USD account in Kampala, Uganda. Additionally, Visa credit card payments are accepted but subject to an extra bank surcharge of 4%.
  2. Currency Accepted: Payment can be made in Kenyan Shillings, USD, or Euros as per the operator’s standard exchange rate. Acceptance of dollar notes commences from the 2009 print notes and onwards.
  3. Rate Variability: Rental rates are subject to change if alterations occur after the confirmation date of the reservation.

Cross-Border Rentals

  1. Additional Charges for Cross-Border Travel: Cross-border rentals are permissible, albeit with an extra charge levied for COMESA payments when the vehicle crosses over to other countries.

Fuel Policy

  1. Fuel Upon Rental: The vehicles are rented with or without a tank of fuel, based on the agreed deal during the initial inquiry process. The renter is obliged to return the vehicle with the same level of fuel as it was when rented.

Cancellation Policy

  1. Cancellation Procedure: Should you need to cancel a reservation, it must be done seven days prior to the rental day. Notifications for cancellations can be sent via info@4x4carrentalkenya.com or by contacting the reservations department directly.

Long-Term Contracts

  1. Payment for Long-Term Contracts: Long-term contracts are expected to be paid before the beginning of the month as per the invoice terms.

Additional Charges

  1. Hirer’s Responsibility: The Hirer assumes responsibility for any additional charges incurred during the rental period. This includes costs for extra days used, late return beyond the agreed-upon time, or any damages or repairs to the vehicle, all as per the terms agreed upon.

Usage Guidelines

  1. Vehicle Usage Regulations: The Hirer agrees to adhere strictly to specific rules, including not exceeding the car’s carrying capacity, complying with all driving regulations in Kenya & other East African Community countries (Rwanda, Uganda & Tanzania), and refraining from operating the vehicle in ways that contravene this agreement.

Obligations of the Hirer

  1. Vehicle Maintenance: The Hirer pledges to ensure the proper maintenance and care of the vehicle during the rental period. This includes monitoring the vehicle’s water levels, oil maintenance, tire pressure, and ensuring the vehicle’s security at all times when not in use.

Operator’s Responsibilities

  1. Vehicle Provision and Insurance: The Operator will provide the vehicle in a safe and roadworthy condition, equipped with valid third-party insurance coverage.

This comprehensive set of terms and conditions forms the framework of your rental agreement. It’s imperative to carefully review and strictly adhere to these guidelines throughout the duration of the rental period to ensure a smooth and mutually beneficial arrangement.

Refund Policy for Car Rentals in Kenya, East Africa

Cancellation and Refund Procedure

  1. Notification Requirements: If cancellation of a car rental reservation is required, it must be communicated at least seven days before the scheduled rental commencement date. Notification can be made via email to info@4x4carrentalkenya.com or by contacting the reservations department directly.
  2. Refund Eligibility: Refunds for cancellations made within the specified time frame will be considered for reimbursement.
  • 90+ days to the trip: 90% refund of the total rental amount
  • 61-89 days to the trip: 70% refund of the total rental amount
  • 31-60 days to the trip: 30% refund of the total rental amount
  • Less than 30 days to the trip: 0% refund of the total rental amount
  1. Refund Processing Time: Upon cancellation, refunds will be processed within 10 business days from the date of notification.