Road Rules in Kenya

10 Essential Road Rules in Kenya, Drive Safely & Confidently

Discover essential Road Rules in Kenya and travel tips to guide you on your self-drive adventure in the magical Kenya. Kenya is one of the most preferred East African destinations, a country with abundant beauty and natural wonders. Like any destination, Kenya has its highway code.

The Highway Code is a set of rules, regulations or guidelines implemented by the National Transport and Safety Authority. It guides cyclists, motorists, pedestrians and other road users on how they behave while on Kenyan roads.

Whereas everyone in Kenya has the right to road access regardless of location, there is need to act responsibly for safety reasons. Road users can ensure road safety on Kenya tour by avoiding conflicting between one another, and reduce any risks that come as a result. This is why any road user should understand the set rules and regulations (Kenya Highway Code).

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The Kenya traffic Highway Code provides guidelines on the things a driver should and shouldn’t do on a motorway. While driving on Kenyan roads, here are some of the things to do and not to do;

Road Rules in Kenya:

  1. Do not overtake when there is oncoming traffic.
  2. Do not overtake where you see a continuous yellow line.
  3. Don’t get so close to a vehicle you plan to overtake.
  4. Never begin driving when the amber and red lights are showing simultaneously.
  5. Don’t block other drivers at the roundabout.
  6. Avoid reversing from side roads into the main roads.
  7. Avoid creating traffic obstruction/congestion.
  8. Always observe the indicated speed limits when driving on any of Kenyan roads.
  9. Don’t be tempted to drive a car in reverse with no clear reason.
  10. Never drive in the middle of the road.

Communication on Roads;

Anyone driving on Kenyan roads should observe the set signals and signs that drivers can use to communicate. Good communication between road users should be promoted so as to prevent any misunderstanding and confusion on roads.

You can make best use of hand gestures, signal lights, and responding to the instructions from traffic police.

The 3 key techniques every driver on a road trip in Kenya should observe can be summarized into 3; signal, mirror and maneuver techniques. These play a significant role, especially preventing road accidents.

Mirror –make the best use of mirrors to prevent any potential hazards such as cars approaching/people passing by.

Signal –applying signals is good as they show direction one wants to take. Once you are aware of traffic signals and signs, the road users can effectively communicate. The signals and signs play a great part in helping warn, order and inform everyone of what to do and not to do. An example, a pedestrian should only cross the road when the green signal is on.

Maneuver – This is often applied to various situations including roundabouts, junctions and changing lanes/parking.

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Health and Safety Guidelines:

As per the Highway Code in Kenya,

  • Road users shouldn’t begin a journey or driving if they feel tired.
  • No drinking and driving.
  • Road users shouldn’t drive with poor defective vision.
  • It is mandatory to wear safety belts.
  • Do not take medicines that may result in drowsiness when driving.
  • Avoid driving or riding along the designated pedestrian lane. This can be act denies pedestrians their right of way while also results into road accidents.
  • Use horns to warn other road users –this ensures safety of every road user.

Right of way

Always give right of way to particular types of vehicles/in specific situations. The vehicles that you can give right of way in Kenya as per the Highway Code include police vehicles with sirens, emergency cars such as ambulances and fire engines containing flashing lights/sounding sirens and then presidential motorcade.

Driving in Kenya & requirements

If you plan to drive in Kenya, especially on a self-drive tour, take note that there are several classes of driving licenses. A foreigner can drive if he or she has a valid international driving license.

This is a legal document that permits foreigners to drive in foreign countries. A valid domestic driving license on the other hand is often required for you to explain your identity to concerned authorities who may not get the language used in your native driving license.

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